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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University maintains a solid reputation for producing students with practical orientations and ready for professional hands-on work. Employers are not so much concerned with what you have learned in school, but what you can do for their business and operations.

The aim of Work-Integrated Education (WIE) is to equip students with real-world experiences and give them the opportunities to integrate classroom knowledge with real-world demands. Being able to put knowledge to use and learning from the process are vital capacities we hope students will develop.

FB3001 Work-Integrated Education

In order to be eligible for graduation from the Faculty of Business, all FB students registered from the 2005/6 academic year onwards, local and non-local alike, are required to do at least 300 hours of WIE during their period of study, so as to get a “Pass” in subject FB3001 Work-Integrated Education. This is roughly equivalent to eight weeks of full-time work. Students can occupy more than 1 WIE experience, but we recommend that each WIE experience should be at least 100 hours to make it more meaningful. Students are highly recommended to complete the requirement before promotion to the final year of study.

For senior students who articulated from Associate/Higher Diploma Degree to study our 2-year bachelor BBA programmes, the Faculty may accept up to 100 hours (1 credit) of structured and measured workplace experiences that students have prior to joining PolyU. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For Non-local students, the organization involved is required to issue a letter to confirm the acceptance of the student as an intern. All non-local students holding an "No Objection Letter" issued by HK Immigration Office can legally participate in internship programmes which have been recognized by the Faculty of Business or corresponding departments. Please bring along the "Acceptance Letter" issued by the organization to your School/Department WIE Coordinator to seek for approval. Please click here for more details on the Immigration Policy on internship/employment for Non-Local Students. For details, please refer to the FB Student Handbook.

Students should manage your WIE via the FB WIE Online System which is designed specifically for FB students to manage WIE matters and career related activities online 24/7.

Learning Objectives

At the end of each WIE activity, each student should have attained the following learning objectives in the areas below:

A. Areas of Personal Development

  1. Appreciate his/her own learning style and determine the best approach to enhancing his/her learning.
  2. Appreciate his/her own learning and development needs and chart his/her learning and development plan for the next three years.
  3. Make informed decisions towards his/her career and formulate a suitable plan for achieving it.

B. Areas of Workplace Appreciation

  1. Understand the issues involved in the practical application of the skills, knowledge and information acquired in the University environment.
  2. Appreciate the requirements and demands of the real-world work environment, especially in the industry/sector where WIE was done.
  3. Identify factors in organizational culture that influence sustainable competitive advantage, excellence and progress.

C. Areas of Key Skills

  1. Develop strategic approaches to anticipate and handle challenges.
  2. Analyse problems and strategise solutions. Appreciate the computing skills he/she has acquired, determine areas that require further development and make plans to achieve them.
  3. Communicate effectively and confidently.
  4. Work effectively in teams and be able to lead small groups.

Types of WIE Activities

The following activities can count towards earning WIE credits:

    • Full-time internship (during summer)
    • Part-time internship
    • Internships on an ad-hoc project basis
    • Attending WIE training organized/approved by the Faculty
    • Setting up and running your own business1
    • Participating in business competitions1
    • Participating in community service1
    • Holding leadership positions in student or professional bodies1,2

Click here to learn the WIE claiming procedures.

Activities that do not count or will not be approved:

      • Private tutoring (unless it is done via a tutoring centre)
      • Engagement in dangerous, unethical, or illegal activities

1A supervisor/mentor, PolyU staff or otherwise, is required to approve and oversee these activities.

2Activities will not be recognized as WIE if they already earn credits (academic or co-curricular). That is, there is no double-counting of credits.

Applying for Placements

Placements Sourced by the Faculty/School/Department

WIE Placements that are provided by your School/Department are made available through FB WIE Online System. Remember to check the platform and apply for jobs (Spring Internship and Summer Internship programmes will follow a separate application procedure. Please pay attention to the school's announcement).

A short-list of applicants will then be forwarded to the placement employers for further rounds of consideration and interviews. Due to large amount of applications, if you do not hear any interview invitation from the placement employer or from your School/Department Coordinator a month after the closing date, you should consider your application unsuccessful.

Click here to learn the WIE claiming procedures.

Compensation and Minimum Wage Ordinance

The provision of compensation and/or benefits is at discretion of employers. While WIE employers are encouraged to provide students with an allowance for meals and transport, it is completely up to them. Please note that statutory minimum wage does not apply to student interns as well as work experience students during a period of exempt student employment. Click here for more details. Please refer to the Notes for Student Employees and Employers - (Eng | Chi)

Students should remember that WIE is a credit-earning activity and not an opportunity to supplement one's income.

Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)

If there is an employment relationship between the student and the offering organization for a continuous period of not less than 60 days, the offering organization is required to enroll the student into an MPF scheme. (


The University has in place a Group Personal Accident insurance policy covering students taking on placements locally or offshore, except all PRC citizens who reside & work in China will not be covered within the territory of China.

Students who find a self-sourced job is required to seek the advanced approval from the corresponding School/Department WIE Coordinator for counting towards WIE. Only approved WIE activities will be covered by the Top-up GPA for Work Integrated Education (WIE) activities.

For students taking on offshore placements, they are required to take out for themselves additional travel insurance for travel and medical protection.

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