Research / Specialist Centres

The Faculty’s nine research and specialist centres facilitate single and multidisciplinary studies undertaken by Faculty members, often in collaboration with other PolyU and non-PolyU researchers.

Asian Centre for Branding and Marketing

Asian Centre for Branding and Marketing (ACBM)

The ACBM conducts research on branding and marketing related issues to promote an enhanced understanding of the value creation process and business performance. The ACBM adopts interdisciplinary and cross-functional approaches to produce cutting-edge branding and marketing research with both academic and practitioner relevance. The Centre is a knowledge sharing platform facilitating the transfer of ideas and practice among design professionals, consultants, business leaders and academics, leading to innovative branding and marketing strategies and programmes for Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta and the Asia Pacific region.
Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance

Center for Economic Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Finance (CESEF)

The CESEF is committed to creating a network of scholars, corporate partners, and professional bodies for resolving economic sustainability and entrepreneurial finance problems and improving the market and regulatory framework. In addition to developing innovative teaching materials at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels, it also aspires to be an independent think tank offering expert opinions to the government, regulators, businesses and courts. The three main themes of the center's research are (1) Economic Sustainability; (2) Entrepreneurial Finance; and (3) Internet Finance.

Centre for Leadership & Innovation

Centre for Leadership & Innovation (CLI)

The CLI draws on the diverse expertise of the Faculty as well as the knowledge and experience of the local and international academic and business communities. It adopts an integrated approach to the advancement of research, teaching and consultancy in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and strategic management. The centre organizes research activities and provides service to industry. Such activities include seminars, workshops, and collaborative projects within and outside the university. Its services include consultancy, management training and executive coaching.
C Y Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies

C Y Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies (ICMS)

The ICMS provides maritime education for Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and other parts of Asia. It is also engaged in application-oriented research with a focus on integrated transport, logistics environment protection, marine law and legal service, marine risk and insurance, and transport policy. In recent years, the centre has undertaken several studies in relation to the development of Shenzhen. On top of these, the centre offers training and consultancy in the areas of shipping and supply chain logistics.
Faculty of Business - Belt and Road Centre

Faculty of Business – Belt and Road Centre (FB-BARC)

The FB-BARC is a platform that pools the Faculty's existing research strengths in such areas as logistics and maritime studies, finance, economics, marketing, management and international business to conduct inter-disciplinary research, consultancy and curriculum development activities relevant to Belt and Road (BAR). We endeavor to engage in research and consultancy on the Belt and Road economies, disseminate research findings and knowledge to general public, and build collaborative relationship with industry, government organizations, professional bodies, and universities along the Belt and Road.
IMC-Frank Tsao Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre

IMC-Frank Tsao Maritime Library and Research & Development Centre (IMCC)

The IMCC supports maritime education and research with an aim of enhancing Hong Kong’s standing in the international maritime arena. It also serves PolyU faculties and students, the maritime industry and governments with updated information and intelligence as well as training. It organizes seminars and conferences as a platform for the exchange of news and views among academics, practitioners and other participants and for building up a network to facilitate future cooperation.
Laboratory of Container Security

Laboratory of Container Security (LCS)

The Centre is aimed at linking academia and industry. It will be a provider of container security information as well as consultancy and training. It will also be a platform for exchange of views and experience between the government, industry operators and professional bodies and an advisor on policy formulation.

Logistics Research Centre

Logistics Research Centre (LRC)

The LRC is aimed at promoting and facilitating applied research in logistics. It also provides research, consultancy and training to the logistics and related industries as well as organizes seminars and conferences with an emphasis on collaboration. Members of the research team come from various PolyU departments with a wide range of expertise.
Shipping Research Centre

Shipping Research Centre (SRC)

The SRC is a multidisciplinary unit comprising researchers with extensive expertise in shipping and logistics management. It facilitates collaboration between academic researchers and industry practitioners to generate and disseminate information on solutions to industry’s problems, develop new business models, and promote innovative management in the shipping and related industries. Regular activities of the centre include hosting and managing an SSCI scholarly journal, publishing several book series, carrying out research in the shipping and logistics areas, conducting consultancy and funded research projects, and organizing international conferences and academic and professional seminars.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Faculty of Business AMTD FinTech Centre

With the support of AMTD Group Company Limited and AMTD Foundation Limited (AMTD), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) establishes the PolyU Faculty of Business AMTD FinTech Centre (FTC). The purposes of the establishment of FTC are to enhance Hong Kong’s leading position in financial technology, provide consultancy services to the financial industry, steer and conduct activities on FinTech education and professional training for students and the public, and demonstrate to the community our commitment for excellence in education, research and fulfilment of social responsibility.