Research Programmes

Main Research Areas


Department of Management and Marketing (MM)

1.  Organizational Behaviour / Human Resource Management

Leadership, leader-member exchange theory, employee empowerment, cross-cultural management, organizational justice, top management team, performance appraisals, reward strategies, employee commitment, organizational communication and employee involvement, management of change, Industrial relations and trade union, age discrimination, equal employment opportunities, work-family conflicts, women in organizations, HRM and employee behaviour in China.

2.  Strategic Management / Public Sector Management

Entrepreneurial competency; entrepreneurship; strategies of small and medium-sized companies; social networks; political strategy; joint venture management; innovation management; corporate environmental strategies; business ethics; creativity, technology development in China, enterprise reform in China, psychological analysis of strategic management, and mapping strategic cognitions.

Corporate social and environmental responsibility in Hong Kong and China; public sector and health services management in Hong Kong and China; sustainable development and environmental management in Hong Kong and China; industrial pollution and control policy; non-profit organization management.

3. Marketing

Cross-cultural marketing and innovation; impact of the Internet on the structure and performance of product and service markets; business-to-business marketing; channel and distribution management; international trade intermediaries; guanxi in the Chinese mainland; retail and brand management, customer relationship management (CRM); marketing financial services; service training/quality/loyalty; advertising strategies, integrated marketing communication in the Asia-Pacific region; eco-friendly consumption behaviour; partnering activities and cross-cultural negotiation; and pricing and competitive strategies.

4. Management Information Systems

E-commerce; decision and management support systems; web-based supply chain management systems; RFID technology adoption; IT strategies; data mining; knowledge management; and e-CRM.