Work-Integrated Education

Employer Endorsements

Mr. Mark C. Fong, Partner, Grant Thornton

There’s so much you can teach in university (but) sometimes you cannot teach the real world. The experience and the knowledge gained as the students actually participate in the working environment are just as important. The internship programme that PolyU has in place between February and April suits us well because the timing hits our busiest season when the students will experience the most frenzied pace of a CPA firm… they really can get maximum exposure.

Mr. Mark C. Fong
Grant Thornton

Mr. Tim T.L. Lui, JP, PricewaterhouseCoppers Ltd.

I believe the graduates from PolyU do very well. It’s because they’ve gone through a degree with a well-balanced curriculum. I think the Whole Person Development Programme also make them more confident. I’ve met some of them and I’m very, very impressed by their calibre, confidence and broad vision.

Mr. Tim T.L. Lui, JP
PricewaterhouseCoppers Ltd.

Dr. William Fung, Li & Fung Limited

We almost have a rule that we only hire graduates from PolyU because they can contribute right away. As to graduates of other tertiary institutions, it does take time for us to train them to perform.

Dr. William Fung
Group Managing Director
Li & Fung Limited

Mr. Philip Tsai, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Over the years, we have been recruiting a lot of PolyU graduates. Generally, we find that they’re very good in accounting and other related subjects that they learn during the university years. They’re hard-working and committed to developing themselves in the accounting profession.

Mr. Philip Tsai
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Mr Charles K.C. Lee, Mediterranean Shipping Company (Hong Kong Ltd)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the two well-known institutions in Hong Kong that offer tertiary education in logistics. Without reservation, I would rank the graduates from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University among the top. Besides their comprehensive knowledge of the industry, they show confidence in handling their work and determination to develop career in the field. They also demonstrate willingness to learn and take on challenges, and possess a global perspective which I believe is critical in this industry.

Mr Charles K.C. Lee
Marketing Service Manager
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Hong Kong Ltd)


From what I’ve observed, many of the students from PolyU are eager to learn and work. They have a very good personality, and they like to work together as a team… We definitely agree that the education offered by PolyU qualifies a student for the real world. Personality and leadership skills are those things you cannot learn from textbooks. From what I have seen and from working with the (PolyU) students, I can tell they all have a right attitude and leadership skills.

Mr Phillip King
Managing Director
Willie International Holdings Limited


The courses you (PolyU) offer are very similar to those of the first tier universities in the United States. For example, your placement or summer internship programme requires students to work certain hours in a company before graduation. I am quite impressed by that.

Henry Y. Chuang
Willie International Holidings Limited

Ms Ivy Wong, Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited

They (PolyU graduates) match our job selection criteria. We recruit students through recruitment talks and interviews. They all do very well. The training provided by PolyU to its students can benefit our company. PolyU students are creative and self-motivated. They have gained all-rounded training in the university, including language communications skills and industrial experience.

Ms Ivy Wong
Director of Human Resources & Administration
Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited

Rebecca Dickenson, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

I really feel that PolyU’s training qualifies its students for the real world because the students have both practical skills and business knowledge. PolyU offers internships to give students the opportunity to work in the real world. In particular, we noticed how customer-focused the students from PolyU are and also the great presentation skills they have. These are the things that really help to set them apart. I think PolyU does a great job of setting students up for success.

Rebecca Dickenson
Senior Human Resources Manager
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited.