Aims and Features

A major aim of the PolyU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is to educate senior executives to be the "scholar-leaders", who are able to apply research findings in solving real-world management problems. The PolyU DBA has been designed to integrate academic study and management practice in a way which will form a significant part of an individual’s business career.

The educational objectives that frame the programme are:
• Broadening, updating, and deepening students’ knowledge of business administration in general;
• Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of specialised areas; and
• Sharpening students’ ability to conduct original applied research in business administration.

Mode and Duration

PolyU DBA is a part-time, credit-based programme. Students are required to complete 51 credits including 8 taught subjects (a total of 24 credits), 2 DBA Residentials (a total of 3 credits) and a DBA Thesis (a total of 24 credits).

The normal duration of PolyU DBA study is 3 years with a maximum duration of 6 years. 

There is a possible exit award of Master of Science in Management Research Studies for students who have completed the 8 taught subjects, 2 DBA Residentials, and passed DBA Thesis I (thesis proposal presentation) (a total of 35 credits).