Programme Structure

The PolyU MSc in China Business Studies (CBS) programme is designed with a structured progression pattern, and you are highly encouraged to follow the pattern to benefit from a cohort-based study and to graduate in one year. However, being credit-based, the programme allows you the flexibility to proceed at your own pace, while not exceeding the prescribed maximum study period.

The following is applicable to students admitted in 2013-14 and thereafter.

Compulsory Subjects

Business and Culture (7 subjects for 24 credits)
Language (2 subjects for 6 credits)

● China Immersion Experience
● Chinese I (for Non-Chinese speaking students)*
● Chinese II (for Non-Chinese speaking students)*
● Chinese Economy and Business Strategies
● Cross-cultural Management
● Essentials of Chinese Culture
● Foreign Trade and Investment in China
● Key Issues in China Business
● The Legal System and Economic Law in China#

* Students who can demonstrate proficiency in the Chinese language can fulfil the subject requirements through credit transfer.
# This subject has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) purposes.

Electives Subjects^ 

(4 subjects chosen from the following for 12 credits)

● Chinese III (for Non-Chinese speaking students)
● Chinese Customs and Etiquette
● Chinese Society and Culture Through Film
● Encounters Between China and the West
● Human Resource Management in China
● Investments
● Marketing in China
● Political Economy of Policy Making in China
● Research Methods and Market Research in China
● Research Project in China Business Studies
● Taxation Management in Hong Kong and China
● Theory and Practice of Accounting in China
● Total Quality Management

^ Students are required to undertake at least 3 credits (1 subject) but not more than 6 credits (2 subjects) of electives concerning Chinese language, Chinese culture or literature.

  1. Subject to the University’s minimum enrolment requirement, not all subjects will be offered each year. And, registration is also subject to the availability of quota.
  2. Programme structure, course names and content are subject to continuous review and change.
  3. Students should strictly comply with the prescriptions of the programme curriculum when performing subject registration.  Those who fail to meet the programme requirements will NOT be allowed to graduate.
  4. Subject content, delivery and availability of "Internship" and "Study Tour" under the "China Immersion Experience" are subject to continuous review and change.