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CAO Yuli

CAO Yuli (Alumnus)

"The China Business Studies programme is very practical. We looked at the business environment of China from different perspectives, learned more about Chinese culture and business practices. We have been applying the knowledge we acquired in the real world."



"The CBS programme helped me acquire knowledge about business in China and develop professional skills. China Immersion Experience enabled me to discover the Chinese business pattern, a model where culture is the basis of every business behaviour. Hong Kong, the gateway to the Chinese market, is full of opportunities for young talents worldwide."


CHIU Ka Kai (Alumna)

"The professors were excellent coaches and the classmates gave me brand new perspectives. The Shanghai internship was a great opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real-life environment and develop communication skills."

Associate (Associate Talent Program) at The Capital Markets Company Ltd.

DAUT Matthias (Alumnus)

"The professors offered us industry and research insights and helped us look at contemporary issues concerning China business and economics. During a study tour in the third semester, I gained practical experience and industry insights from the speakers and site visits."

HENN Frederik Maria

HENN Frederik Maria (Alumnus)

"CBS was the perfect starting-point for me to study a diverse range of relevant subjects, while choosing assignment topics of my own interest and being supported by open-minded professors. My Chinese classmates helped me to acquire the most valuable interpersonal and intercultural skills, resulting in long lasting friendships."

SIEGMUND Judith Anne

SIEGMUND Judith Anne (Alumna)

"The wide diversity of courses offered, from history, cross-cultural management, to economics, accounting and finance as well as mandarin Chinese, helped me understand better how to conduct business in China. The six-week internship in Shanghai gave me a deeper insight into the Chinese world."


ZHOU Zi Yi (Alumna)

"This programme offered a wide range of courses covering law, economics, finance, trade, management, and human resources. We looked at the differences between China and other cultures that I, as a Chinese, had not realized. I gained far more than I expected from compulsory and elective courses and the study tour in the summer term. This one-year journey provided me with the direction of career development and enabled me to make great friends."